Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Truman Waterfront - Some History

Here is one posting from the Last Stand web site in October 2003 about the Truman Waterfront plan. Here's another.

Now two years later, the plans are coming to fruition, but with serious flaws in the traffic flows planned to bring traffic into and out of the Park. The City Commission/Local Redevelopment Authority will hear the plan and will vote to approve it as is, approve it as modified, or withhold approval. The Commission agenda and the resolution to be voted on haven't been posted yet at the City web site I expect them to show up there on Thursday.

As regular readers here know, I have some strong feelings about the Conceptual Master Plan. Others who share my concerns are gathering signatures for a petition to the City Commission, urging that the plan be modified before it is approved. We are hoping that a large turnout of citizens will attend the meeting to argue that case.

I am absolutely in favor of the Waterfront Park. It can be a crown jewel in the City's string of parks, a precious community resource, and an economic boon to the historic Bahama Village from which the waterfront property was taken by the federal government many decades ago.

I anticipate that the Commission will try to force the current traffic plan on the basis that it is too late to change anything, and that to delay a vote will put the City's acquisition of the property in peril. I'll be pleased if I'm wrong in my assessment. Better that the plan be done right, rather than soon.

There is some confusion about when the City Commission meeting will be held. The Commission normally meets on Tuesdays, which in this case would be September 6. However, because of the Labor Day holiday on September, this meeting will be held instead on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, at 6:00 PM at the Old City Hall on Greene Street. Mark this on your calendar if you plan to attend.

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