Thursday, September 22, 2005

An Anniversary

Forty-three years ago today, at 10 o'clock on a beautiful Saturday morning, in Watertown, Massachusetts, I stood nervously at the altar of Sacred Heart Church waiting for Janet, my bride-to-be, to appear in the doorway of the church. I was nervous. What man isn't on such an occasion. When she did appear, in her wedding dress and on the arm of her brother Jim, I felt my knees begin to shake, almost buckle, but I got through that moment. The wedding and following reception are pretty much a blur, remembered now on the rare occasions when we break out the wedding album to reminisce. The album is stored away, in a box with other albums that chronicle our life together, stored in the cellar of our daughter Betty's home in New Hampshire.

It's been a good run. We look forward to the rest of our life together with some curiosity about where the paths we follow will take us. We've meandered some, settling down for periods of time in a variety of places. In New England at first, our place of of birth, in Massachusetts, then New Hampshire where our children grew up and went off to college, then in Pennsylvania, back to New Hampshire again a couple of times, and now in Florida, Key West, the place we now call home. In between, we spent three months in 1984 in a 23 foot motor home, and travelled 15,000 miles through 35 states. Later, in 1997, we ran away from home again, spending 4-1/2 months backpacking, hitchhiking, and riding buses throughout Ireland, and another month doing the same in eight countries in Europe.

We celebrated tonight with an excellent meal at Square One in Duval Square. We exchanged cards, as we have on each of the prior 42 anniversaries. 41 of those pairs of cards are back there in New England with the photo albums. Last year's and the latest ones await being put there at some future point.

Tomorrow, life returns to normal. Janet goes back to work, and in the afternoon and evening we'll attend to more King/Queen events in support of Gina's campaign.

And so went September 22nd, 2005 in The Real Key West.

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