Sunday, September 25, 2005


It happened again. Yesterday. Another bicycle stolen -- from me. My $50, made in China, K-Mart special disappeared from Petronia Street where I had chained it while attending another Gina for Queena event at the Bourbon Street Garden bar. All that was left when I came out was my so-called bicycle lock, also made in China. It looks like the thief simply pulled it apart and made off with the bicycle. Janet warned me not to leave it on Petronia St. She took hers around the corner to Duval Street. I should have done the same.

I made a police report, of course, although that's not likely to make any difference. What's disappointing -- beyond the simple fact that some lowlife, no-good SOB ripped me off -- is that I had taken the time to trick the bike out with a replacement seat that better fit my, ahem, wider butt, and with a pair of fold-up saddlebag type baskets, a gift from Wishbone.

Here's a photo, pre-modification. If you see it, I'd appreciate a call or an e-mail.

Mine is the one in the back.

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