Monday, September 26, 2005

The Great Bicycle Hunt

We've been cruising Old Town in the hope of spotting my bicycle somewhere. S'funny. Until mine was stolen, I never noticed a Quasar Bounty K-Mart special like the one I have that had saddlebag basket on it. This morning I saw two, parked next to each other on Duval Street near Southard. One looked like mine, but it had silver baskets, looked like they were freshly painted. The other, next to it, looked less like mine, but it had black baskets like the ones I had. I'm going back there in a few minutes to check them out for other identifying marks, like the rust I had, evidence of a light being mounted on the candlebars, etc.

I also saw another one pass by here this morning with saddlebag baskets mounted, but it was from a distance and I couldn't be sure. I have a feeling that the bike is still here in Old Town. If it is, I'll find it.


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Anonymous said...

I run the Compass Realty rental offices at the Truman Annex and Golf Club. One of my tenant's that moved out was a Israeli tshirt shop owner, and he abandoned such a bike. I just now googled quasar bounty bicycles, and your blog came up. I didn't notice any bags or anything, but if you want the bike, it is behind shipyard 202-4. Check it out to see if it happens to be your old one. If my people don't take it, then it is all yours if you want it.
email me at

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