Tuesday, September 20, 2005


The Miami TV channels are now covering the storm full time, without commercial interruptions, and are reporting that Rita is about 50 miles southeast of Key West, heading west at about 15 miles an hour. Meanwhile, as we're sitting here in our living room, we can look out to the patio and wouldn't know there was a storm if it wasn't for the TV and the internet. Electric power went out early this morning, but was quickly restored and has been up for over two hours.

If I look out beyond our fence gate, the tall palm tree across the street alternates between stillness and vigorous bending. The TV guys are reporting that winds up to 100 mph are in the storm. We don't see it ourselves, but they must know what they're talking about. Right? Route 1 has been closed for a couple of hours now, by water surging over the road at Lower Matecumbe Key, mile marker 74.

I don't mean to minimize this thing. We took a calculated risk staying here. So far, it's paying off. There are predictions of a storm surge of between 4 and 8 feet, which means that streets along the waterfront will very likely be flooded until the drains can carry the water into the injection wells designed for that purpose.

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