Friday, September 30, 2005

So, Do We Want Bad Government?


The long-time Supervisor of Elections for Monroe County, Harry Sawyer, is the go-to guy for estimates of turnout for a coming election. He has given those estimates for the Municipal Elections next Tuesday. It's not looking good, folks. Sawyer's best guess is that the turnout on Tuesday will be unremarkable, similar to any other election here, 25-30% of the eligible voters. There are 15,283 registered voters in Key West's ten precincts. Thirty percent (let's be generous) of that is just under 4600 voters who may turn out. To win election as mayor, then, one candidate has to get 50% of all votes cast plus one vote, or 2301 in our example.

On average, each of the six Commissioner Districts would have 766 voting citizens using the same scenario. That means that one candidate needs 384 votes to gain a majority of the District (and avoid a runoff in November). The numbers aren't precise, because there isn't an exact balance in the number of voters in every district.

Anyway, the classic approach to winning an election -- identify your voters and make sure they vote -- continues to be a rule. Name recognition means something. So does money. In the end, though, if you have an opinion (and who doesn't), if you feel strongly about a candidate or an issue, it's up to you, and me, and everyone who cares, to vote for Good Government.


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