Friday, September 16, 2005

They Only Come Out at Night

We're off in a few minutes to Fort Zachary Taylor State Park with Beth, a new friend Janet met at the Chicken Store a few days ago. The concert is headlined by Edgar Winter, and featuring Gator Country (alumni of Molly Hatchet), and Caffeine Carl Wagner and The Buzz.

Beth is 20, a college student at Brigham Young University, who hails from Pennsylvania. She's hear on an internship with a company headquartered in Salt lake City, Del Sol, a chain of stores throughout the Caribbean.

It's Bike Week (or Weekend), and the motorcycles are rolling into town, parking along Duval Street, where the action will ramp up later on this evening. The promoters of the concert are hoping that they'll attract enough of the bikers to earn back their investment and a little more.

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