Friday, September 02, 2005

Truman Waterfront Update

As I wrote a couple of days ago, we've been waiting for the City Clerk's posting of the agenda for next Wednesday's City Commission meeting. I wanted to see how they intended to proceed with the traffic elements of the Conceptual master Plan for the Truman Waterfront Park. Would it be to force through the current Plan, or would they come through with modifications that might satisfy residents' concerns.

It seems that there was a third option, one I didn't consider to be probable. The plan is not on the agenda. "I guess it didn't make it", said a worker at Port Operations. I was trying to contact the LRA Project Manager or the Port Operations Director. Neither was available, both on vacation, which leads me to believe that our neighborhood efforts are being realized, to persuade at least four of the seven Commissioners that "haste makes waste", that a decision on traffic be withheld until the safety, convenience, and cultural preservation of Bahama Village and its residents is assured. I think that the plan is being revised. I hope I'm right. I have heard, though, that the Commission intends to push the plan through under pressure from deadlines agreed to in the TAMPOA agreement. Under the provisions of that ill-considered agreement, the City agreed to a deadline of two years within which it is required to furnish ingress and ingress to the Park via Olivia Street and Truman Avenue, and ingress through Petronia Street. The property was acquired in December 2002. Therefore, the City is already in breach of the agreement. Further, the TAMPOA agreement establishes a deadline of December 2007, at which time TAMPOA can exclude traffic from using Southard Street whether the City has provided the alternate access routes or not.

Personally, I prefer that a decision not be made until the new City Commission is seated after the elections in October. That offers at least the potential that those responsible for bringing this plan forward, for the horrendous TAMPOA agreement, and for a variety of other decisions that try to ignore commitments made to the Navy, the citizens of Key West, and especially to the residents of Bahama Village, that they will no longer be a majority of the Commission, and we can correct the errors made in the past.

I can now see that one of the items that IS on the agenda for next Wednesday is approval of a revision to the City's Comprehensive Plan regarding "Traffic Circulation". The Waterfront Park plan is NOT in harmony with that plan. Harmony has to be achieved before the plan goes forward.

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Anonymous said...

the ingress/egress issue had been resolved years ago with a unanimous vote defining the resolution of the issue between tampoa and the city. if this is not honored then no agreement made with the city is worth the paper it is written on.
the residents of truman annex have for the last 10 years handled all the traffic to the waterfront including the conch trains and trollies as well as 18 wheelers. this is not fair. the agreement divides the traffic between the two communities and should be honored. no other community would allow a written agreement freely voted on by all parties to be put aside. remember that bahama village is represented by carman turner who voted for this agreement as did all members of the city commission

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