Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Blog We Must

Wednesday, 9:39 AM

Still no internet, but blog we must.

We're at the Coffee Plantation, Marty, Joe Forte, Theo and Diane, and me. Janet and I came over early, now she's gone home to feed the canaries.

Theo went out and got papers this morning, so we begin have some idea of what happened. The papers ar thin, buit at least now we learn some of the stories from the storm. It's as I imagined, maybe worse. The docks at the Hilton Marina are gone, as is the Pier House pier.

Joe is regaling us with stories of "old" Key West, like it was when he first came here. He pointed out the location of Shel Silverstein's house and studio on William Street, around the corner from Southard St. That was where Joe parked his van and slept the past few of nights, including Sunday, near the highest point on the island, Solares Hill.

A red Cross Disaster Emergency Assessment Team just rolled up for coffee and a bathroom break, three women from Kentucky and Pittsburgh. They flew into Miami during Wilma and arrived here last night. They're operating out of the Hampton Inn on South Roosevelt Boulevard.

Janet's going to meet me here in a few minutes. We're going to the Post Office and on down to have a look at the waterfront damages. I have the camera with me and will post some pictures once we get internet service back.

George and Susan's neighbors were partying until 6 AM for the past two days. George is setting off his car alarm intermittently to disturb their peace while they research the noise ordinances. The police responded once, but told them that they won't be answering noise complaints as they have higher priorities to deal with. It's understandable but frustrating nevertheless.

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