Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday 1 PM Update

It's raining now, fairly heavy. The roof is leaking a bit where it usually does during rain storms. I'm going to David's to help him get ready to leave, and to see what we need to do when -- I mean IF -- we leave for the mainland. Janet is on her tricycle somewhere in town. She headed for the Waterfront Market but has probably pulled in somewhere to get out of the rain.

(Back from David's) She didn't. She just pulled up on her tricycle, drenched to the skin, hair plastered down. She was at The Waterfront, waited for a while then headed out to get home.

It looks like Cozumel Island is directly under the eye and taking a pounding right now. The angle of the turn that Wilma will have to make to get back at us now seems to be more than a right angle, but the forecasters haven't budged off the track from two days ago. Wilma was only moving at 4-6 miles an hour at the last NHC update, still packing 145 mph winds. But that's down from 175 which is a good thing. Closest approach to KW is around 7 PM on Sunday night, at which time the force is moving from 2 to 1. We realize that's only a forecast, but it's another good thing.

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