Monday, October 03, 2005

Last Minute Lies vs. Long Years of Truth

Mick Barnes and John Murphy paid for this ad to run in the Sunday edition of the Key West Citizen. It speaks for itself.


This week, just before the election, a campaign flyer, was distributed, at the last minute, in hopes that no one would have the time to respond. It was tracked back to Historic Tours of America. ("HTA").

The flyer mentioned us both by name and company. It's absolutely true that John Murphy's company and I gave some new candidates money. We only asked them to do one thing if elected. Be honest.

But the HTA flyer suggested that when you give a politician money, it buys something improper or illegal. Where would HTA get that idea?

We ask you, does your Key West have a reputation for honest and fair government or instead, a reputation for favoritism, dirty tricks and "done deals?"

The HTA monopoly is terrified that it will lose control of your Key West City Commission.

That's why they don't want any new Mayor or Commissioner who isn't tied to favoritism. You did know that your Mayor's apartment comes with the HTA principals as landlords, right? (Mayor testimony under oath - Ducks trial)

HTA apparently thinks you're too stupid to see the truth through the last minute lies and dirty campaign flyers..

They think you're dumb enough or lazy enough to elect the same old Mayor and Commissioners to do HTA the same old favors.

After all, HTA's Trains and Trolleys set the City up to lose over $13,565,549.00 Million Dollars of your money in the Ducks case. Plus over $600,000.00 in costs and attorney's fees. And more than $2,600.00 per day in interest. (Ducks judgment) Every day !

Then HTA just jumped off the train tracks and let the taxpayers get run over.

By the way that judgment equals $933.75 taken from every voter. (Ducks Judgment ÷ Number of Active Voters) And the elected officials who caused it are counting on you to keep them in office.

So what did your current Mayor and Incumbent City Commissioners learn? Nothing! The favoritism continues. In your face.

Maybe you didn't know that, after the Ducks verdict against HTA's sightseeing monopoly, (Trial and Appellate court decisions), your Mayor and Commission voted to give HTA's Bone Island Shuttle a monopoly. (Commission Minutes)

Maybe you missed the fact that after giving HTA $ 491,379.00 last year, they're giving HTA $527,730.00 this year to carry tourists to HTA's own attractions. (City General Budget Fund Document FY 05-06) It's all about getting your money. Does your business get that kind of help?

By the way, you didn't need to spend that money. Before your Mayor and Commissioners ran Rob Eggers out of his shuttle business, so they could give HTA a Bone Island Shuttle monopoly, Rob had the tourists paying for their own ride.

Now you're being taken for the ride. You're paying for it and you don't even get a seat on the train.

If you keep the same Mayor and Commissioners, they will keep the same City Manager who will keep giving their same favorites your tax money.

Let's make it simple. Any country boy or girl knows that it's hard to get a hog's snout out of the trough. It doesn't matter if you give your hog a fancy name like Ed, or Mayor or Commissioner, anyone can recognize a hog when they see one.

You can't expect hogs to stop eating. When you can't stand the smell anymore, you quit filling the trough, and you get rid of the hogs.

NOW GO VOTE ! Vote for anybody new. If you keep the same old people, you're going to get the same old favoritism. You have only have yourself to blame.

Or . . . you can VOTE THEM OUT.  Your vote can change Key West for the better.  You can BE PROUD that you MADE THE DIFFERENCE !!!

Paid political advertisement. Paid for by Duck Tours Seafari and Michael R. Barnes, Attorney, 801 Whitehead Street, Key West, Florida 33040. This advertisement was not approved by any candidate.

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