Saturday, October 29, 2005

The NEW Key West?

This from a letter to the editor of the Key West Citizen:

With families moving out of Key West every day, houses are being bought by three and four single people together. At least six people rent another place two houses down, and during Fantasy Fest, houses in my neighborhood are being rented out. Financially this makes perfect sense to me. I see the writing on the wall.

However, the effect all this has on me and my family is that our little street is no longer a quiet little place. We are subjected to loud music, drunken fights on front lawns and lots more traffic. The television is so loud at times across the street we can actually hear it in our living room. We don't complain. We accept the new dynamic. Our new neighbors are nice people, but let's face it, when four single guys live in a house, or six to eight people rent a three bedroom, there is going to be noise, loud music, etc.

Read the entire letter here.

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