Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thursday Afternoon Wilma Update

We're at home. Janet went to Katha's this morning to see her house and her canaries, and to learn more about canary culture. Now she's reading about Mexico in preparation for our planned vacation there next April.

I've been working on some Bahama Conch Community Land Trust business following a meeting of the Board of Directors last night.

When I was at the Coffee Plantation earlier today, someone from the Marquesa Restaurant came in and announced that they're offering a locals special tonight; any entree and an appetizer for $25, much below their usual prices. They are sitting on an inventory of fresh food ordered in for Fantasy Fest and need to move some of it out. We plan to take advantage. We've never eaten there, and they have an excellent reputation.

There are numerous hurricane parties taking place all over the city. We may stumble across one or two as we move about tonight. Theo & Diane were talking about going to the Top of La Concha, a great place to watch the storm roll in. Tonight might be early to see anything spectacular, although it's a nice spot to visit any time.

The experts are sticking with their forecasts. This is from the City update at 9 AM today:
Hurricane Wilma is currently a Category 4 Hurricane forecast to come within 70 miles of Key West as a Category 3 Hurricane. Storm Surge could be 6-8 feet across all of the Lower Keys. Tropical Storm force winds could arrive in Key West around 8PM Saturday night and could last for 24 hours or more, peaking overnight. Infrastructure damage is likely. Tornadoes could be possible in storm bands. There is some uncertainty in the forecast, people should continue to closely monitor the track of the storm.

That's what we're doing. Meanwhile ....... Wilma dances.

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