Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Today is the Day

The title line is, of course, the motto of Mel Fisher during his long search for the Treasure of the Atocha. It's also a song by Michael McCloud.

But today is Election Day in Key West. Today is the day. All the campaigning is over. Today the voters speak, and decide who will be the City Commission for the next two years. Janet voted early this morning, I'll do the same later today. We went to a block party last night put on by the supporters of Clayton Lopez, candidate for Commissioner of District VI, ate some hot dogs and hamburgers, and were entertained by the Blessed Community Gospel Choir.

Results will be available by eight o'clock this evening. We'll be attending a "Doo-Wop" dance at Carmine's Restaurant from 6 PM on, another event of the Gina for Queena campaign for AIDS Help. Janet is the organizer for this event. She's been working with some volunteers for the last three weeks to pull it all together. So again, today is the day.

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