Sunday, October 23, 2005

Winds of Wilma - 7 PM Sunday

The wind is picking up. We're sheltered behind the fence around our patio, but I can see the palm tree across the street bending back and forth. The suspended traffic lights at the corner are dancing on their suspension cable. It cleared a little, but the clouds have returned. They're moving much faster now, pushed by the accelerating storm behind them. At 5 PM, the forward speed of WIlma increased to 14 mph, and a gradual increase in that speed is in the forecast. A little more than an hour ago, the local wind speed was up to 35 mph. It's probably more than that now.

The infrared satellite photo loop shows that Wilma has now travelled almost half the distance between the Yucatan and the Florida mainland.


Anonymous said...

Waiting for dawn's early light. I want to read a lot more. Best to you all there. Great BLOG Bob and Janet.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for more information at dawn's early light. Love you BLOG. Best to all the brave people of Key West. Karen

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