Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Blue Heaven

Today is my birthday, my 66th. It began well, it continues well, and I expect it to end well. Janet is taking me to dinner. After much consideration, hemming and hawing, and changing my mind about where to go, I decided that we should try Monty's Raw Bar at Conch Harbor Marina on Caroline St., between Key West Bight and the Ferry Terminal. Red and Dotty went to a preview re-opening of the restaurant a couple of weeks ago and said that the food was --interesting, I think, is how Red put it.

We don't go out to eat all that often, especially in the evening, and rarely to the more expensive places. Birthdays, anniversaries and other special events provide an excuse to pamper ourselves a little. We could have chosen a more familiar place, perhaps Square One, Michaels, Louie's, or Café Sole, and know that we'd almost surely have a good experience and a good meal. But if you do that, there's the downside of missing out on another new place to recommend.

We used a gift certificate from daughter Susan this past Saturday to enjoy a breakfast repast at Blue Heaven, a place that has never disappointed. (The first photo is their new sign. It's quite striking at night and can be seen from two blocks away on both Thomas St. and Petronia St. The other is a table on the inside balcony where we ate. The restaurant has expanded into what was the gallery on the second story, and out onto the balcony that overhangs Thomas St. We still waited 20 minutes to be seated. And our server, Zöe from Macedonia, was both friendly and attentive.) Blue Heaven is arguably our favorite place to eat when we dine "up". For breakfast Saturday we each had eggs Benedict. Janet's was with lobster. I had a vegetable Benedict with fresh asparagus. The kitchen does their poached eggs about as perfect as a poached egg can be. We added an order of pineapple pancakes to share, not because we were hungry but because Wishbone says that they make the best pancakes in town -- and he was right. The to-go portion of the pancakes that we brought home was the basis for another meal at home the following night.

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