Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Citizen Parking

I just came from downtown in my car after circling two blocks twice looking for a place to park. There was nothing on the streets (where the parking meters are still free). Part of the City lot on Simonton St. is tied up as space for FEMA, Red Cross and insurance companies. Most of the rest of it is reserved for City employee parking, and all of it but one or two of those spots were being used.

So, I came back to the Coffee Plantation where my bike is still parked from this morning, left the car here, and I'll be off to my 2:00 meeting on the bicycle as soon as I drink this coffee.

The City has recently updated the Transportation Element of its Comprehensive Plan. The rewrite puts much greater emphasis on user-friendly, intermodal transportation and discourages automobile traffic by restricting daily parkers in favor of residents. The Comp Plan is a long-range document. Most people don't even know that it exists. It won't be until much later downstream, when its vision begins to be realized, that it will enter the consciousness of those it will most affect. Then, let the battle be joined.

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