Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Fantasy Fest Goes Forward

If you're planning on coming for Fantasy Fest, breathe easy. The City Commission approved the unofficial dates of December 7-12 last night after a contentious 2-1/2 hours of comment from 'the public' who had turned out in large numbers to convince Commissioners to give their approval to dates that were chosen by a group of business owners and widely publicized -- without having first obtained City approval. The large crowd was packed with people in the service industries, those with the most to gain from FF and the most to lose if it was postponed or cancelled. Mayor Morgan McPherson summed it up well at the end of the meeting. "It's not", he said, "about the event, its about the handling of the dates."

This Commission is beginning to hit its stride. They seem to be working well together, asserting their authority without being contentious -- mostly. Mayor McPherson is a good moderator, slow to correct someone and doing so courteously when it's necessary. Commissioners do their homework and come to a meeting prepared, well-briefed by City staff on the issues they vote on.

As I said, I wasn't happy about the outcome of the vote on transient vacation rentals in Truman Annex but, hey, I'll get over it.

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