Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Goombay Arrives

After the Wilma-caused delays, festival season gets underway this weekend with the 25th annual Goombay Festival on Friday and Saturday. If I'm reading the Keynoter article correctly, the traditional Goombay parade is joining the traditional Christmas Parade on Saturday evening. If that's true, it will be synergistic, adding a distinctly Caribbean flavor to what is one of the more fun (and family-oriented) parades held during the year. It would also resolve the "problem" of having the Christmas parade intersect the Goombay celebration at the corner of Duval and Petronia Sts. In any case, the result should be larger crowds for both events as people leave Goombay briefly to watch the parade pass, and for parade watchers to walk down Petronia into Goombay once the parade is over. We'll likely take in both.

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