Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ready for Thanksgiving

A beautiful day today, a bit on the cool side, but clear and bright. A cold front arrived last night with some rain. A secondary front came in early this morning and gave another splash of rain. Temps will moderate now through the weekend, rising from the low 70s today to the low 80s by Sunday.

Toppino Contractors are pouring our new sidewalk this afternoon. We'll have ADA curb cuts at each corner of the street, and the "ditch" outside our gate is gone, meaning we won't get a pool there after every rain. It might help to keep mosquitos down too. It took a long time. It's good that they're finished with everything now except for repaving the streets where they were dug up and left with only patched concrete.

I drove out to Flagler Avenue today to go to the stationery store there, Buddes, in hope of getting a blown-up of the Truman Waterfront Park map for us to work on next week. They were closed for the holiday at 1:30 though. Office Max is not open yet either, my other choice for getting the copy. I doubt that they'll be opening for at least a couple of more weeks.

What was remarkable was the amount of clean-up that's gone on in that part of town. There's scarcely any debris left on Flagler Ave., and very few appliances. I didn't have time to go off Flagler to see if the streets behind are also clean, but I expect that there are many fewer piles than just a week ago. Grubbs is doing a real good job, everyone I speak to acknowledges that, and the City also seems quite happy with their performance.

I should be able to write again in the morning as Janet prepares the things she's making for our dinner tomorrow with the landlords and Davids' mother and her friend who are visiting from their New York (state) home.

But in case I don't, may we wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving Day.

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