Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Tale of Two Roosters - Update

Last week, Diane told me that one of the two white roosters that I wrote about here a short while back appeared to be hurt, and that the other of the pair had disappeared from his usual habitat, under the Pass the Hat Stage. And indeed, the bigger of the two was in the courtyard hopping around on one leg. I called the Chicken Store and left word with Janet to tell Katha. She showed up soon afterwards. We cornered the hurt rooster under the stage and Katha snagged him. He appears to have a broken hip, so she took him to the Store, and she now has him at home where she nurse him more easily.

The other rooster, Bucky by name, was nowhere to be found. We figured that the Meanie Boys had snagged him and that he was a goner, but lo and behold, he showed up last Sunday. Richard came over and brought some food, gave him a little attention, and I think brought him home again, despite the complaints he gets from his neighbors over the crowing.

The two will be reunited once the broken hip is healed sufficiently for him to get around on his own.

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