Sunday, November 06, 2005

Wilma Photos

Larz, a member of the It's Only Key West board and frequent visitor to the Keys, took these photos during a trip down here right after Wilma. It's an awe-inspiring look at some of the devastation wrought by Wilma, yet merely the tip of the iceberg as we continue to hear the stories of the people who lost everything. I spoke to Captain Walt, skipper of the Top Notch, moored right outside of Schooner Wharf yesterday. They lost their house and contents, vehicles, and four of their six parrots. Got up high as the surge was coming in with two parrots and their dog and watched everything else being demolished.

I'm amazed at the calm with which people like Walt are taking their losses. Nearly every one I talk to who got hit bad has a thankful attitude that they are alright and a determination to get past everything and go forward.

A group of organizations and individuals began the My Key West Emergency Relief Fund to provide direct and immediate aid to our own, our friends and neighbors, through many of the nonprofit agencies already operating here. Over $300,000 was raised as of last Wednesday, and they hope to have $500,000 by this weekend.

Consider making a donation. It will do someone some good while we wait for FEMA and the insurance companies to do their thing.

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