Saturday, December 03, 2005

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

It's 9:30 and shaping up to be a great day. Jeff Salzmann is back in town for the winter. It's great to see him. He's the one on the right. On the left is Captain Sonny who was, until recently, GM of the Schooner America. The America got sold at the beginning of November to a new owner from San Diego. It's supposed to leave today from Stock Island to begin the sail to the west coast.

Sonny regaled me yesterday with stories of the original America, winner of the Americas Cup race, then called the 100 Guineas Cup, in 1851. The current America is a near-replica of the original above the waterline, though it is quite different below the waterline.

Jeff is the organizer and promoter of the Flye Point Music Festival in Brooklin, ME every June. We're going this summer when we travel to New England for our granddaughter's graduation from high school.

Joe Forte is an artist from Canada (originally) who winters here, living out of his van and selling his artworks and books on the streets. He and Janet are having an extended discussion about grandkids. His live in Ontario, Canada and play hockey. He loves bragging about them, as Janet does about our grandkids, so they get along real well.

Goombay is getting ready for its noon opening on the second day. We walked the festival street last night when Janet got home from work, enjoyed a gyro sandwich while strolling, listened to some music, then went home and watched Spitfire Grill (again). We'll go back later today for some of the afternoon's musical events and for the parade, if they have one, and then to watch the Christmas Parade on Duval St. at 7 o'clock tonight. Later, maybe, we'll drop in at the Green Parrot and listen to Alberta Adams sing the blues.

An ordinary day in Key West is better than the best day anywhere else. So says I.

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