Monday, December 19, 2005

A Visit from Senora Calleja

Mrs. Grace Calleja, pictured here with Diane and Theo, lived in the house where the Coffee Plantation is now located for almost 40 years with her husband Carlos and their children. They operated a market (bodega) next door during much of that time.

Neighbors and friends of Mrs. Calleja, Roger and Mary Ann Westerlund, brought "Tia Grace" by for a tour through memory lane. Tia Grace described the locations of rooms in the house when they lived here, and told some of the history of how it came into their family through her father-in-law who bought it for his wife in the early 1900's.

Grace is a charming woman of 95 years, still sharp. She still lives in Key West, and describes it as a place with warm weather and warm people. She was accompanied by her granddaughter on the visit.

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