Monday, December 19, 2005

Visitors from Melbourne

My brother Marty and his wife Kathy are in town for a couple of days to have a look around at Key West as it is today (they were last here about three years ago) and to hang out with us'ns. The picture is them with their eldest son Michael who's a Navy jet pilot, currently on active duty with the Marines at the Pentagon, a pilot for American Airlines, and the proud father of three great kids.

Marty is my 'kid' brother, four years younger than me, retired from Goodyear a few years ago, and living the good life in Melbourne, FL, not far from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. We planned to take them tonight on one of the Fury catamarans for a sunset sail, but the weather isn't cooperating.

Today started out foggy and it's been overcast all day. It feels like rain and indeed showers are in the forecast, but it's held off so far. There is rain on the radar in the vicinity. We have a NOAA radar located here in Key West, with a 45 minute loop that shows the direction and intensity of wet weather in the Gulf and Atlantic around us.

We'll wait until tonight to see what they'd like to do. Janet's planning a dinner of tilapia and vegetables for us at home. Monday is not the best night for music in town. We'll check schedules and see what's going on. They're staying until Wednesday. We might have another shot at the sunset cruise.

Film at 11.

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