Monday, January 02, 2006

Interesting People - Trumpet Bob

Trumpet Bob is in the house. He's sitting at the table in the Coffee Plantation reading the paper. His CD -- one of his CDs -- is on the player, a collection of jazz standards, extremely listen-able.

This town is full of interesting people. You might meet some of them as a tourist here, but you can't get to know them as well as someone who sees them on a more regular basis. I was introduced to Bob a week or so ago by Jeff (another IP). Bob and his wife are showing up here in the morning. I don't remember seeing them at the old place, so they are among the new customers of the new Coffee Plantation.

My Google search for Bob didn't turn up his own web site. That came from the CD case for Trumpet Bob Does Swing. What did come up, though, was this, a story which I find equally, if not more, fascinating than Bob's. Imagine, a kid from Revere, MA whose life's journey is described this way: "My name is John MacPherson, a one time business man from Revere MA. In the year 1990 my children gave me an alto saxophone for my 50th birthday. I left them the family business we were all working for at the time and headed for Key West to learn how to play the saxophone and live the life of a free spirit. You can find the rest of John's story here.

Stories like these -- and there are hundreds of them, at least one on every block -- interest me. I thought once of buying and selling stories on the streets of Key West, a dollar a minute. In a town where jokes are for sale for 50¢ (dirty jokes are $1), and pedicab rides go for $1 a minute, it seems like a $1 a minute for a story is in the ballpark. But I don't see myself as the kind of guy who would do well as a street person, I'm too shy for that. I do, however, resolve to try to record some of the better stories in a combination of articles and interviews and post them here. I think it will add some richness to the story of the Real Key West.

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