Wednesday, January 18, 2006

To the Barricades

Our neighbors to the west in Truman Annex have pulled the trigger and filed suit against the City of Key West for breach of contract over the Truman Waterfront traffic plan. Rather than agreeing to sit down with other "parties of interest" to try to find an agreement that would satisfy both neighborhoods, they resort once again to their favorite tactic. As my editor at Key West the Newspaper said, "Do you think that someone who spent thousands of dollars to try to steal cat would hesitate for a minute to spend a lot more to prevent the City from getting rights to pass through this enclave of wealthy, part-time residents?" He was referring to Thomas Tukey, president of the Truman Annex Master Property Owners Association (TAMPOA) and seasonal resident in Key West.

And this after the City capitulated to an earlier lawsuit that gave every property owner in TAMPOA territory a gift worth thousands of dollars, a transient rental license for which they must pay only $1500, tens of thousands of dollars less than their market rate value. In addition, the City paid $1.4 million dollars in settlement of the last lawsuit they filed. In the process they converted their properties, and all of Truman Annex and the Shipyard, from residential to commercial. It gets to be a habit.

Here are the stories as reported in the local press:

Key West Citizen


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