Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Truman Waterfront

A brief flurry of Truman Waterfront-related items from the Key West Citizen:

This editorial on Monday. "TAMPOA is holding the waterfront hostage"

These two call-ins to the Citizen's Voice of the Day today:

"To TAMPOA and its [attitude] that [they] don't care what happens to Bahama Village. If you don't want to be a part of the history and ambiance of Key West, then you can all take your snooty attitudes and go back where you came from. There are still enough of us professional and business people that we can carry on without you."
"Since the managers or the powers that be at Truman Annex, TAMPOA, seem to think that the rest of this town is trash, why don't we all take our trash to the Southard Street gates and throw it over? Let them really feel like they want to be out of Key West. Let them put their homes up for sale cheap and move because we're just going to degrade their property values. Maybe we should have a dress code when we go in there. Bermuda shorts and ties maybe? We can look classy like them. Come on TAMPOA, either get with it or get out."

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