Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bagpiper Goes to Jail

The arrest of Dennis Riley, the Southernmost Bagpiper (that's his mug shot from the jail), continues to reverberate in the community, and at the Coffee Plantation. Key West police chief Bill Mauldin has ordered an investigation of the arrest:

Feb. 22, 2006


Key West Police Chief Bill Mauldin stated Wednesday the department will be initiating an administrative inquiry into the circumstances of the arrest of sunset celebration bagpiper Dennis Riley Monday evening.
An officer arrested Riley for trespass after warning after a brief scuffle on a bridge between Mallory Square, site of the sunset celebration, and the neighboring pier belonging to the Hilton Hotel. A hotel employee reportedly complained to police that Riley was trespassing on its property and would not leave the area.
"We're looking into this matter," the chief said.

Riley was taken to the ground and handcuffed, arrested and taken to the jail in the kilts he was wearing. When his jailers inventoried his belongings, they recorded him as having "one furry thing". That would have been his Sporran.

The Citizens' Voice is astir with comments about the arrest. None of them are supportive of the Hilton for precipitating the arrest. Talk about giving yourself a black eye.

There's a picture of Dennis in full regalia at the Coffee Plantation blog.

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