Wednesday, February 22, 2006

City Commission Meets

The Key West City Commission is meeting tonight at 6:00 PM at Old City Hall on Greene Street. I don't see any agenda items that are likely to generate fireworks (though one never really knows).

A couple of things I am interested in are a couple of proposals for using the currently-vacant property at the Truman Waterfront Park. One resolution would grant permission to FEMA to place up to 80 trailers on the property for use by people who have vacated their homes due to damage from hurricane Wilma. The trailers would go up against the fence at Fort Street in Bahama Village. Another resolution grants permission to establish a race village for up to two months -- March 1 until May 1 -- for an around the world, solo sailing race that originated in Bilbao, Portugal and will end there sometime later this year. The racers are expected to begin arriving here in mid-March from Fremantle in Western Australia. During the same time yet another resolution authorizes HelpLine to hold it's annual carnival at the Waterfront site -- if the Commission approves all resolutions relative to those events.

The Waterfront is getting to be a busy place, even before we get our Park built. It begs the question of whether the Park will be used for these kinds of events in the future, and if it will affect citizens' use of the Park for its intended purposes.

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