Monday, February 27, 2006

Don't Like the Weather? Wait a Minute.

We used to say that in New England about the weather. Yesterday was that kind of day here. It began beautifully. We bicycled out to Fort Zach for our weekly study with Phil and Sharon. As we pulled into the park, the Disney cruise ship was just passing the park on its way to Pier B, followed closely by the Carnival Glory headed for the Outer Mole. It was warm but a stiff breeze off the water made it feel cooler than it was. We had been there for about an hour when suddenly the sky darkened and the wind kicked up even stronger. We could see the rain approaching quickly off the Gulf, so we made a dash for Sharon's car and stayed there for about a half hour while the "storm" passed over. It was the leading edge of a cold front that dropped temperatures into the low 60's by nightfall. Now, today, it's quite delightlful, temps in the 70's ans still some breezes coming in from the water.

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