Monday, February 20, 2006

Getting to Old Town

Citizen's Voice of the Day

"Visitors, visitors, visitors: Please keep your vehicles parked. Ask the front desk of your hotel or your room rental host about all the means of transportation besides a gas vehicle. To truly enjoy the ambiance of Key West, we need to keep the cars off the road."

There's a little bit of irony in this. The Bone Island Shuttle just discontinued its stops at the hotels on Roosevelt Boulevard and other stops of that sort. That leaves only public buses, taxicabs, walking or rented scooters and electric cars as the way for tourists in those locations to get to Old Town. The Bone Island web site doesn't reflect this yet. Public bus schedules are somewhat erratic. Taxis are somewhat expensive. Roosevelt Boulevard is not a safe place for scooters and electric cars. It's a 1-2 mile walk from some of the hotels near the beaches.

So, what's a visitor to do?

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