Monday, February 27, 2006

I'd Tumble For Ya

I went away for a while but now I'm back. The last several days have been full of things to do, things that needed to be done. I apologize for being away. Couldn't be helped.

On Friday night, Janet and I went to Salsa Loca on Duval St. and had a pleasant and delicious meal in the rear garden. When we left, I agreed to walk over to CVS, a block away, to pick up a couple of prescriptions while Janet headed for home on her tricycle.

At the corner of Duval and Truman, across the street from Denny's, I stood in a crowd of passers-by waiting for a light to change to cross Duval. Noticing that I had time to cross Truman Ave. instead while the Walk light was on there, I took a step backwards out of the crowd, stumbled over a temporary barrier put there to cover up a missing sign pole, and went down hard on my right side, scraping an elbow and a knee, and banging my hip pretty hard.

I went on Saturday and got a picture of the offending structure, which you can see here. The City could have done a better job of marking this obstruction, used a more visible barrier. I suppose I could have paid more attention too. I had seen the barrier earlier, and wondered what it was that had been removed from there. The people around me were blocking it from my sight and the backward step was a contributing factor as well.

I was more embarrased by the fall than I was hurt. The people around were solicitous. All I could think was that they were thinking, "Oh, that poor old man." and, "I wonder if he is drunk."

So I picked my self up, brushed myself off, and started all over again.

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