Sunday, February 12, 2006

Off to the Flea Market

After I finished cleaning Thomas St. today (see my previous post), Janet and I drove to the Big Pine Key Flea Market at mile marker 30.5. It's the furthest we've been from MM 0 in a few months. Even a trip to Stock Island is a rare event for us anymore.

The BPK Flea Market is a popular place on weekends at this time of year. It's open from early hours until 2 PM on Saturday and Sunday. I've never found it to be much worth the 30 mile drive, but Janet likes to go a couple of times a season. She bought some green peppers today, 3 for $1, which means that we'll be eating Canadian Stuffed Peppers later in the week. Not that she stuffs them with Canadians. She got the recipe from a Canadian lady in Quebec and they've been Canadian Stuffed Peppers ever since.

I made one quick pass through the four rows of booths, managed not to buy anything, and waited in the car, balancing our Quicken checking accounts with the credit union statements that arrived a few days ago.

I took a short nap when we got back while Janet went to Mallory Square. Now it's after midnight and I'm still awake, maybe a result of that late cup of coffee I had before dinner tonight. It's just begin to rain, the front edge of a cold front that's supposed to sweep over us right about now and drop temperatures to perhaps the lowest level of the winter. It's 72 now, but by morning we ought to be in the mid-50s, 54 officially. Now if you're reading this in the northeast as a blizzard rages over you, that may not engender much sympathy for us, but the mid 50s is bundling up weather when you've been here for a while.

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