Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Broad In Costa Rica

A Broad In Costa Rica
I must bring to your attention this very excellent blog by Sally O'Boyle. Sally and Hal departed Key West for Costa Rica a few months ago for a stay of a length I haven't yet discovered in either of their blogs. I've had link to Hal's blog on my link list for some time. Now I'll add one to Sally's as well.

Their tale is similar to our own: disposing of things that don't matter much, packing up, and moving on to a new adventure. We've been watching Costa Rica (and Nicaragua and Texas, and now Mexico) for some time as potential locations for our next move, when we at last become snowbirds. Now we have contacts in CR who see the place from the ground and are able to report on its complexities.

I recommend their very different blogs to you.


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