Friday, March 24, 2006

Cam's Visit

We saw Cameron off at the airport on Tuesday, a melancholy end to a very fine visit. We got to do a lot with him. Wishbone loaned him one of his bicycles, and we used them to travel around in Old Town for most of the week. Janet went to the beach with him a couple of times, he and I went kayaking, we went to a Key West H.S. baseball game. Most of all, Cam liked walking on Duval St. at night with one of us, observing the spring break activity through the eyes of a fifteen (& a half) year old. We asked him what the attraction was. His answer, "I don't know, I just like it." But he did complain that very few of the female breakers were his age.

We now await the visit of grandaughter Amanda and her friend Loren. They both graduate this year as H.S. seniors and will be off to college next fall. They'll have rules to follow, just as Cameron did, but being almost 18 does grant more freedom than being fifteen (& a half).

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