Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Chicken Wars

Many "to-dos" these days are taking me away from the blog. I say that not in apology, merely in explanation. I scored very low in a quiz that purports to answer the eternal question, "does your blog own you?". Low was good in this case. I scored 6.25%.

As I reported a while back, the Key West Chicken War is about to break out again. A truce was called two years ago when the Chicken Catcher's contract was terminated early, following only limited success, and the mysterious disappearance of at least several hundred roosters and hens in the wilds of Miramar, up on the mainland. Now, fueled by fear and bolstered by complaints from people whose gardens are being disturbed, there is an effort underway to once again trap our intrepid bands of gypsies. I know that word is politically incorrect, but our flocks are made up largely of Gypsy Chickens, a breed apart from the engineered fowl who deliver eggs, chicken salad, and the occasional Dion's barbecued wings to our tables.

It's hard to write about the subject here because events unfold in real time, daily. Unfortunately, the opposing armies are lining up against each other, and forays are taking place in letters, e-mails, the Citizens' Voice, and in conversations between City officials and defenders of the chickens.

I'll try to note and link to mainstream media reports as they occur. Here's one to get started. Yes, I know it is slanted to the chicken side. We're sympathizers to the cause, fifth columnists for the chicken brigades, members of the Rooster Rescue Team. Here's a more neutral piece for balance (free registration required).

The bureaucrats, and those who appoint them, should realize that there are people in Key West with good ideas on how to solve this "problem", in ways that will make it unncessary to exterminate chickens, or to simply transfer the perceived risks from them to somewhere else, somewhere that won't recognize the chickens uniqueness and their place in our unique place.

Listening and talking beat arguing every time.

To cite a new bumper sticker now stocked at the Key West Chicken Store: Can't we all get along?

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