Sunday, March 26, 2006


We lost our NPR connection, WLRN from Miami a couple of months back. WLRN serves the Keys by a number of low-power repeaters along on U.S. 1. The repeater in Key West was interfering with the signal of religious broadcasting station set up here and across the country by a particular ministry based in the west or south, I forget.

WLRN searched for a solution and came up with a plan to buy an available frequency (100.5 MHz) that will serve the lower Keys with a greater range than the repeaters can.

It's on the air now, but at low power, so we lost the signal as soon as we got to Boca Chica, Mile Marker 6. I'm listening to it now on the BPK repeater, at 89.1 MHz.

Even though WLRN is also available on the internet, it's good to have NPR back for when in the car.

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