Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Paul Butterfield

I'm going to recommend a Yahoo! Group to any one here who has an interest in music, especially older music, from the 60's and 70's. Some of you might remember Paul Butterfield and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Paul's son Gabriel -- Gabe -- and his S.O., Sally Squitieri have set up the group to support their efforts to organize a Paul Butterfield Fund & Society. The PBFS is organized around a benevolent purpose, but it has the additional aim of honoring the memory of Gabe's father, who is very near to being a Hall of Fame harmonica player, years after his death.

I'm impressed with the statement of purpose on the page I linked to. Last year, the Bahama Village Music Program and the Tropic Cinema joined together and received a grant from the Mockingbird Foundation, set up by fans of the band Phish to support music education for children. The two organizations used the money ($5,000) to put on a program of film and live performances for the student teachers who teach the children in the program. The film series covered four different genres of music -- gospel, blues, jazz and rock --giving for each a context of the history and development of the form, then demonstrating the music in live performances by local artists.

What is especially interesting to me is the level of discussion that goes on in the Group at Yahoo. There's some real music history being recorded there by some of the people who lived it. I haven't sorted everyone out yet, but I know that Corky Siegel, a duo with Jim Schwall in the Siegel-Schwall Band, is taking an active part in the discussions.

As I've reported before, I kind of missed the 80's generation of music as I established a career in business. It was still the time of record albums we sold off the last of our vinyl album collection in 1996), and I was acquiring classical and operatic music then more than "the music that the kids listen to", groups like Devo, The Police and whatever else it was they were buying. So this stuff is interesting to me. I'm learning a lot more about music now than any time in my life, and Key West is a rich place to learn, a place where you get to know and hang out with real musicians, and to see some of the better bands that come here.

I ran into John from the Green Parrot the other day. He tells me he's booked Chicago Blues Reunion, or at least some members of it, Corky Siegel and Sam Lay, into the Parrot for a special performance (or two). I forget what dates he gave me, and they aren't on the GP or CBR web sites yet. The CBR web site, by the way, needs to be changed to be less Flash and more real information. It's all there, I guess, but very annoying to use.

So, as I say, if you're into the music and have the time, check into the Butterfield Yahoo! Group. It's worth a look.

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Dharma Bum said...

Hi Bob and Janet, glad to find some info on the Paul Butterfield group on the internet. Hopefully, you've joined the group, because we need more people to get involved.

Be well and thanks for the great post!

Dharma Bum Pollard
Paul Butterfield Fund and Society

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