Sunday, March 26, 2006


We drove to Big Pine Key this morning after breakfast. The BPK Flea Market is an attraction that's close enough to KW for us to make a trip there and back in about a half-day. It's open on Saturday and Sunday from 7 AM until about 2 PM. There are about 150 booths, I'd say, selling everything from fresh fruits and vegetables, to clothing to fishing gear, and even strange things you aren't likely to find in any big box stores I can think of.

There are some value-purchase opportunities, too. Lots of China-made tools, fishing gear, nautical hardware, sunglasses and such at typical China-made made prices (and with China-made quality). When I was a young man, Made in Japan was the mark of shoddy. Now some of that kind of stuff is Chinese, but the number of countries supplying Americans with goods (and services -- think about that customer service or tech support call you made that was picked up in India, Ireland, or elsewhere -- even Nova Scotia on one call two hour I made to Microsoft once.)

This is as far north as we've been since last fall. I was reluctant to come, but did it for Janet who enjoys the experience of shopping and likes the quality and price of vegetables here. Today it was peppers and lettuce, and perhaps some other things I don't know about yet.

We head back to KW in a bit, where we'll have our study with Phil and Sharon. Then we hope to sit in on a "dialogue on race" at 3 PM at the American Legion/VFW.

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