Thursday, April 20, 2006

Are the chickens goners?

We went to the City Commission meeting Tuesday night to take part in the discussion about Commissioner Bill Verge's resolution to round up the chickens of Key West, to remove them from the streets and parks, and even from private property when asked by owners to do so. The outcome was never really in doubt. Commissioners softened the implementing resolution a little, and Verge repeated several times that it wasn't his intention to rid the City of its chickens completely, only to control them in view of concerns about disease and complaints from residents.

The UPI's headline writer seems to have misunderstood the action, juding by the headline here. And so too the AP writer.

Now City staff has to develop the plans that will implement the resolution. They'll need lawyers, guns and money. And, oh yeah, room for 3,000 chickens. And a way to catch them. I wonder if Armando Parrah is busy. Or they might try one of these.

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