Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Death of Sunny

Sunny died yesterday. We went to the City Commission meeting at 6 PM. When we got home, Janet went to cover the cages and found Sunny on his back on the floor of the cage he shared with Joey and Zöe.

Sunny was one of our two first canaries. He and Sophia came to us a year ago. Sunny was the canary with only one foot. He was of an indeterminate age, having been rescued by Katha Sheehan when his foot was caught in some chicken wire. In the process of being freed, he lost the foot on his right leg. Katha wound up calling him Angry Eyes, because he seemed to blame her for the amputation.

Sunny was always a quiet bird. He never sang, but he would occasionally make some weak chirping sounds when I whistled to him. But he was always there in the morning waiting for fresh seed and some vegetables and water when Janet serivced the cages in the morning. He had been changing color of late, losing the bright yellow feathers that prompted us to call him Sunny, and turning mostly white like an old man.

We were briefly sad, but we know that Sunny had a good home here. His death was most likely the result of age. It certainly wasn't because he lacked proper care.

Maybe now Joey and Zöe will turn to raising a family, now that Uncle Sunny is no longer a guest in their home.

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