Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Weekend

It's Monday. The warm weather is returning. Although the 'official' temperature is only 80º, it feels warmer than that in the sun on the patio. At his time of day (noon), the sun is full on the patio. The only shade is from the hibiscus tree that dominates. Everything is green and growing. We put down some new bark mulch last weekend. It covers the old much which was getting pretty thin, and the wires that go to the patio lights. Janet fed all of the growing things with time-release plant pellets. It seems to be having an effect.

We went to the Green Parrot last night, the first time we've been there for several weeks (or is it months?). Little Ed and the Blues Imperials were in the house. Janet saw them last year. She's been eagerly awaiting their return. Last night was it, and the band didn't disappoint. They're doing a "sound check" performance this afternoon at 5:00, and a regular show beginning at 10:00 PM. We can't do the 5:00 o'clock show because we have our Seekers' Forum at 5:30, but we'll go to the 10:00 o'clock show for at least the first set.

We had Easter dinner at home with landlords John and David. It was the traditional ham dinner, with a variety of other dishes, delicious as always when Janet puts a special meal together. Later, Phil came by and we fixed him a plate. He's working every day to put the finishing touches on the house he remodeled and restored on Stapels Avenue. He's anxious to sell it so he can move up to St. Augustine to be with his ex- (and future?) wife, Emily. I heard from someone the other day that there are now 1,500 properties for sale in Key West. That's almost double what it was only a couple of months ago. Naturally, the glut is depressing the housing market and prices, though prices are still comparatively high compared to the rest of Florida.

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