Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Intentional Tourists

Lordy, lordy, a week has passed since our last post. I'm falling down on the job.

We did tourist things over our long weekend, the one we get because of Janet's shortened, half-retirement generated work week. On Sunday, we visited the Hemingway House for the first time in about seven years. I was surprised to see how it has been spruced up from what I remembered it to be. HH is still one of the premiere attractions for tourists in Key West. On any day, there are people on the property, or at least on the sidewalk peering over the wall. The tour guides there do a great job of telling the Hemingway story during their frequent half-hour or so guided walks through the house and around the grounds.

Afterwards, we walked across the street to the KW Lighthouse on our way home and, to our pleasant surprise, found John Harrington working there. John is a friend, an artist, who once worked at City Zoo on Duval Street. We both wondered where he had gone from there. Now we know.

Monday, we drove to just north of Marathon (MM 59) to vist the Dolphin Research Center. It was an interesting and illuminating few hours. We wound up buying a family membership ($75), which we'll make use of when Amanda and Lauren arrive in about 12 days. It may be, as some say, that dolphins are merely exhibiting a conditioned response when they perform their routines, but you couldn't convince us that there isn't some real intelligence in these mammals.

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