Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Jury Duty

Janet was called for jury duty at the U.S. District Court here in Key West. She reported in on Monday and was one of two alternates chosen along with the standard 12 jurors to hear a bank robbery case. She found the trial interesting, and paid close attention to the testimony in case she had to deliberate on a verdict. But, no surprise, the 12 regular jurors got the case and she was sent home on Tuesday morning.

There's been no reporting on the outcome of the trial in the local press, nor have we been able to find out what the verdict was. We've heard unofficially that the defendant was found not guilty, a report that surprised Janet, as she was convinced that the prosecution had a strong case based on evidence, and that there was little the defense was able to offer to prove otherwise.

Anyway, she's now done her civic duty, and can't be called again for at least a year.

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