Monday, May 15, 2006

Canaries Again

In a recent post I mentioned that Arnold and Peaches, the upstairs canaries weren't doing very well. They were both puffed up, either swollen or reacting to something by fluffing up their feathers. Both were unsteady on their feet, whether on the floor of the cage or on a perch.

Arnold died on Friday morning (he's the bright yellow one). I found him laying on his side in the cage soon after Janet left for work. It had been obvious since the night before that he was very sick. His eyes were closed, he wasn't eating or drinking, and he was even more unsteady on his feet. We still don't know what killed him, any more than we knew what killed Sunny a few weeks ago.

On the other hand, Peaches seems to be completely well now. She's svelte again, active, eating, even singing a bit.

Downstairs, Joey and Zöe are in full maternity mode. The nest is almost built. He's chasing her around the cage, mounted her briefly this morning.

The incubation period for canaries is brief, only about 13 days, so once the eggs appear in the nest, it'll only be a short wait to see what hatches.

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