Thursday, May 04, 2006

Captain Outrageous

Captain Outrageous is in a creative spirit these days. He reorganized the gallery completely, putting his work in the Link Namefront room, the one with the piano. There's still some of Crosby's art in there, though less of it than before, now that George has moved back to Blue Hill for the summer.

He has five mannekins lined up in the gallery, pieces he's going to paint and stage for a potential exhibit at the Tate Gallery in London next year. I'll see if he'll let me get a picture of them to post here, or on his blog.

He continues to make good progress in getting his Powerbook and Mac Mini systems set up the way he wants them. The Mini is connected to a beautiful Apple 20" Cinema Display, the better to show off the several slide shows he's created from photos of his life here in Key West, and to play the movies of himself being interviewed about his life and his history here. We have plans for even more interesting things on the web, but not right now.

Captain's gotten into iTunes and the iTunes Music Store in a big way. He had an enormous library of music already, the result of putting a big part of his CD collection into iTunes when he first got the Powerbook. He hooked up the Mac Mini to a set of speakers in the gallery and has been playing music that he has recently begun collecting at the ITMS -- Segovia, classical music and jazz from the early years.

He has an iPhoto library of over 4,000 photos, some going back to the days when he owned and operated the Last Straw restaurant on White Street. Many of them are pictures of people come and gone during those years. Some are twenty-five-year old photos of people still here, material to be used someday to chronicle the Key West crazy years, from the mid-70's and into the 80's.

The energy I feel when I'm around him comes, I'm sure, from all of the creativity that goes on, and from his avid interest in the technology and its application that I'm helping him to understand. It's one of things I do well.

Click here to listen to the Captain tell part of the story in his own words.

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