Tuesday, May 16, 2006

David Feldstein, aka Margo

I nearly overlooked this news item that appeared in Saturday's Key West Citizen. It reports the death of David Feldstein, whose alter ego, Margo, The World's Oldest Living Drag Queen, was perhaps better known than even David himself. Margo did regular turns on the sidewalk in front of 801 Bourbon Street on the nights that she had shows at the upstairs bar there. David made daily appearances at the Coffee and Tea House on Duval Street, and could be seen around town running here and there on his tricycle. He hadn't been healthy for some time, but maintained a vitality that belied his age and infirmity.

David's history in the gay community goes back to the Stonewall Riots of 1969, when he was a resident of New York. He's been a Key West resident for as long as we can remember, although that only puts him here since 1999. I suspect its been much longer. (Ed. Since February 1, 1992. No doubt there will be more of his biography published in the near term. His last column in Celebrate! Key West, the GLBT newspaper (which recently announced that it would cease to publish with its next issue unless a buyer can be found) is here. Discussion of his passing is going on here. There's an interview with David by Michael Suib. Listen here.

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