Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Our visitors

Yesterday afternoon we took our granddaughter Amanda and Lauren, her classmate at St. Thomas Aquinas high school in New Hampshire, to the airport for their return flight home. The girls spent a week with us while on Spring break. They're seniors, graduating in June, and headed for college in the Fall, Amanda in Boston and Lauren in Tallahassee.

They are old enough to have been allowed to go about on their own during the daylight hours, but the rules required them to be with one or both of us after dark. "Wishbone" loaned them bicycles, and they used them to get to the beaches and to go around town.

They kayaked and parasailed. They went to sunset at Mallory Square. They shopped. We went on a sunset sail. We watched the Conch Republic Independence celebration parade down Duval Street from the balcony of Cheeseburger Key West in the 200 block of Duval Street.

We'll see them again in June when we go to New Hampshire for their graduation. It was good to see Amanda again. She was here a year ago with her mother and brother, and a year is a long time to not be able to spend time with one's grandchildren.

They have a CD full of photos to remind them of the fun they had, and memories of their excellent adventure to hold, one hopes, for a long time.

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