Thursday, May 04, 2006

Remember El Alamo

I and the Captain are working together this week. I spent nearly the whole day at the gallery yesterday, most of it working in the Slingboxes. I was on the phone twice with Slingmedia and twice with Peter in Buenos Aires. For some reason, Peter's not able to control two of three boxes, change channels, meaning he's stuck with ESPN and OLN on those two boxes. The Comcast box is OK, indicating that two VCR's that "sling" to the other two are somehow implicated. But I can control all three and Slingmedia support is able to control them from California, so the problem has to be in BA -- doesn't it? Gary at support had me tell Peter to remove and reinstall the Slingmedia Player software, as "that can be the only thing that's causing the problem". I hope so. Peter is getting antsy about all this. I don't blame him, but I've applied all of my problem-solving skills to it and still don't see "why" it doesn't work.

Maybe we'll hear today.

And remind me to tell you about Peter's restaurant in Buenos Aires.

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Fritz (yeah, the wheelchair guy) said...

Though I'm only there in February, I know the real Key West fairly well (for a damned tourist). I know the real Key West through its people -- its daughters and sons I've come to know and love over the past eleven winters. I love the real Key West, even though I'm not a true local ... yet.

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